7 March, 2017
Equine photography Workshop

Wild at Heart workshop

In September I had the first edition of my "Wild at Heart-workshop". Here is a selection of photos that I took during those days, at some really amazing places here on Öland. The meaning of this workshop really was to come close to the horses in a various of different situations. To observe and see them as individuals but also in groups. And I really feel like it was exactly what we did! So excite ...

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18 February, 2017
Equine photography Liberty training Photo sessions Spain

Miron Bococi

This was without a question, a perfect day at the beach. During Equine Photography Tour with Katarzyna in Spain, we met Miron Bococi who is a fantastic horseman. He does liberty training with his horses, they perform with their own show and also they do some stunts. This day our location was the Torrenostra Beach in Terrablanca. Weather was really perfect and gave us the best conditions. I honestl ...

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20 January, 2017
Year review

My 2016 part 2

This is the second part of my year in review. Part 2 will be a little bit more personal, and not every month was about photographing horses. Still, I feel that's what you need sometime. There should always be some time of reflection, building up new things and reload new energy. Also there is so much more in having a photography business, so much work behind the scenes. But that's just fun!   ...

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1 January, 2017
Year review

My 2016 part 1

I really felt like doing a blog post to somehow make a summary of what this year have been. So, here it is! It's been a year with new experiences in many ways. I am very grateful to everyone who took part of it, to everyone who supported me and to everyone who works so hard with their horses to help me get the photos I want. You are everyone a part of my 2016 and my development :) January In ...

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12 July, 2016
France Photo sessions


Before our tour in Spain we went for a couple of days to France. One of the places we went to was Elevage de I'étrier - Albert Cochet. A really amazing place with beautiful horses - and this barn was my favorite place on this farm without no doubt. I loved the light, the sand and the whole wall. Perfect colors! This was only the corner though, the rest of the building was one of a kind. There was ...

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19 May, 2016
Behind the scenes

Backstage from Spain

I had the complete joy of being one of 8 in the group of Equine photography tour with Katarzyna Okrzesik Photography in Spain. During this trip we had so much fun, it really was an amazing experience in many ways. Before I start posting pictures from the trip I just would want to share with you some backstage pictures.

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4 April, 2016
Photo sessions Poland

Melancholy Hill

So. I was in Poland in august with some friends of mine on a workshop. This workshop was hosted by Photo-equine.com / Katarzyna Okrzesik-Mikolajek and we where in this beautiful place up on the mountains in the south. Owl Mountain is it's name and Stajnia Podolin where we was living was a really good place to stay. So hospitable and generous! One morning we went up on the hills to photograph in ...

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