"5 days of intense equine photography where we focus on heart and soul"

Öland, Sweden 24-29 August 2020


This event is for you who want the full-on experience of an inspirational workshop combined with emotional storytelling. It's an equine photography workshop that focus on the wild at heart of horses in collaboration with the beautiful nature of the island Öland - in Sweden - where I live. This island really delivers some fantastic and rare locations wich is not seen on other places in Sweden. End of August is last summer month in Sweden. It is normally still around 20 degrees celcius but nights are colder which if we are lucky will give us late summer fog.

Our main focus is horses in liberty, in many different ways. Single, pair and in herds. You will learn how to work with horses to achieve the result you want, and you will photograph many types and personalities. Some photo sessions will be fully organised for action and more natural portrait shots, and some will be with us photographers just observing and following the herd. By doing this you learn many different things - how to set up a photo shoot with a goal in your mind but also to find those beautiful moments by just being there.

We will have very early mornings and a few long drives in purpose to find the best locations and variety of horses. So this is not just a workshop, this is also an adventure where we explore the island and get to know each other very well.

My main goal when you leave is you being closer to knowing what you want and that you feel inspired enough to start working towards your goal. Inspiration and emotional is really the lead words for these days, and by opening up for that we also get the opportunity to grow in new and different ways. This is for many participants also a great opportunity to learn and develop your equine photography skills so that you can start to create images with higher quality and stronger presence.


For who? Amateurs to professional. You should know about your settings and camera. International participant – workshop will be held in english language.

Accommodation? We will live in 1 big house with 5 bedrooms and 10 beds, 2 bathrooms, fully equiped kitchen, living room and WiFi. All our food will be catered and 100% vegetarian.

Learning? All participants get to wish for a topic. First evening (24 August) I will talk about my experience, way of working and thoughts about equine photography. I will also answer questions and might talk about someones wish of topic. We will have classes with Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom and I will show you how I edit and when I edit photos taken during workshop. I will also show you before/after on earlier photos and we will have editing classes where you edit and I'm there for help or questions. On last evening (29 August) everyone have the opportunity to a portfolio review and personal coaching talk.

"The biggest thing I learned in life is to invest in yourself. I didn't have much horse experience other than I think they look cool. So I took her workshop. I learned more and had a lot of fun with Malin than any workshop I've been to in the United States and Canada. I returned back to the United States and tried her techniques. Got published left and right, awarded at canon and national geographics runner ups, and now have too many clients to handle. So ya it's well worth it and I plan on going again. Best workshop and best person to mentor you in the world." - Jerry


"This trip to Sweden brought me something much more as only new knowledge. I was confronted with so many new situations and I could learn more about myself then I expected. It was a trip to inside my soul. I was laughing a lot and crying a bit. I was affraid and I felt bravery. I went to the limit of my skills and discoverd new one. I met so many great people and saw beautiful horses and visit wonderful places. This trip changed me, I know it already now. I will never be the same again, as my photography either." - Magdalena


"When I booked the workshop, I was a little shy girl with many fears. I was afraid not to understand your english. I was afraid of new situations in foreign countries. I was afraid not to be good enough. This workshop was great. Every day was better. I understood more and talked more. And our group was very special. Everyone was so inspirational in his way. It was a great time and I wish the workshop have been longer. Maybe forever? I learned a lot. Before I had maybe 5 horse shootings in my life and not much experience. The workshop helped me to collect some more." - Manuela


Total price: 25 000 SEK

Booking deposit is 8000 SEK, non-refundable and holds your spot. Payment via invoice (bank transfer or Paypal).


- 5 nights of accomodation
- All meals & snacks (100% vegetarian)
- Pick up & drop off from Kalmar
- Travel cost during workshop
- Theoretical lessons & discussions
- Commercial use for photos
- PDF & video material
- Personal coaching


All photos taken during this workshop can be used in your portfolio, on your website, social media and also for commercial use. No restrictions.



This workshop requires a minimum of 4 participants


FÄRJESTADEN, SWEDEN +46 76 80 48 348