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With sincerity

Equine photography for me is emotions. It’s energy, movement, light, dark and something more than just a pretty horse photo. My goal is to portray your horse with the spirit that burns inside of those eyes. I want you to really see your horse in the photos, the horse that you share your every day life with and all of those emotions that comes with that. I want to give you a gift of what’s most beautiful in life – raw, real, strong and intimate emotions. Through your horse.

I work professionally as an equine photographer, with more than 18 years of experience of horses, and my starting point is always your horse and it’s wellbeing. For me it’s important to work with the horse, not against it. I will never stop looking out for your horse and my methods during the photo sessions always vary depending on the horses personality and response.

Working like that, allows me to create genuinely from what your horse brings to me.

Another big element to my photos is of course nature. I find beauty in all different types of locations and I’m very experienced at finding all of these small but really nice spots to make the photos even better,


Mini sessions.

Mini sessions is perfect for 2 people or more who want to book a photo session in the same barn or location. Price per person.

- 45 minute photo session
- Selected photos in a web gallery
- 5 digital high resolution photos

1950 SEK

Photo session.

Photo session with 1-2 horses, possible at different types of locations in the nearby area.

- 1 1/2 hour photo session
- Selected photos in a web gallery
- 10 digital high resolution photos

3500 SEK

Half day session.

Perfect if you have 2 or several horses or want to photograph at many different types of locations

- Up to 4 hour photo session
- Several horses coverage
- Selected photos in a web gallery
- 20 digital high resolution photos

6500 SEK

Memory session

If you have a horse that is 25 or older, or if your horse will soon cross the rainbow bridge.

- 1 1/2 hour photo session
- Selected photos in a web gallery
- 5 digital high resolution photos
- 1 photo print in 13x18 cm

1950 SEK

• How do I book a photo session?

You can contact me via email, messages or phone to book your photo session. At the time of booking I will send you an invoice for the non-refundable booking fee. The booking fee is 20% of the total amount and will be removed from the total amount on the final invoice. The booking fee must be payed within 10 days to secure your date. When the booking fee is payed we are 100% booked. The rest of the amount is payed after our photo session took place. If you decide to buy additional images, they will be invoiced at the time before delivery.

• Can we change the date?

We can change the date up to 2 times. Change must be made not later than 24 hours before our session start or the total amount will still be charged. If we together decide to change because of bad weather change can be made the same day without any extra fees. In case of force majeure the booking fee is still non-refundable, but the possibility to reschedule the photo session is given.

• What is the additional travel costs?

It depends on where you are and how many clients I have in the same area. If you live within Kalmar/Öland, Sweden there is no additional travel cost. If you are in other areas of Sweden or even in another country the travel costs will be my travel expenses. If you are several people booking a photo session or if I have several clients in a nearby area I will split the travel costs and it will be less expensive for everyone.

• Can I buy extra photos other than the one included in the package?

Yes, you can. With every photo session comes a web gallery with all the selected photos that were photographed during the session. This means that I only delete photos that are not good or very similar to each other, the rest will be uploaded in the gallery from where you can choose the photos you want to buy. Extra photos cost 300 SEK each. Contact me for the full price lists.

• Do you book clients outside of Sweden?

Yes I do travel for clients. Just let me know where you are at and we'll make it happen. Sometimes I already have plans on visiting somewhere and sometimes client requests takes me to places.

• Do you edit the photos?

I spend a lot of time editing and perfectioning your images. After the selection I will give all photos a basic edit in light, contrast and colors. After you have chosen the photos you want to buy I will spend even more time on the edit removing halters and if necessary fences, people etc. My photography includes a longer creative process, in order to catch the essence of each horse through my own style of editing.

• What does digital high resolution photos means?

It means that it's a high quality image in digital format. That's the kind of photo you use to make prints . Every client will also receive digital photos adjusted for web usage that you can use on your phone & for social media.

Let's create together.