Personal coaching.

With dedication

Equine photography and teaching about it with honesty and dedication is very close to my heart. I want to share the knowledge I have gained from many years working professionally in the business and teach others about a humble way of doing it.

I am passionate to inspire others to find who they are in their photography. With several years of hosting photo workshops these personal and very focused coaching sessions is the ultimate addition to help others grow.

Every coaching sessions is tailored after your own specific wishes and needs. Doing so, I am able to help you grow as much as possible with the time we have.

My approach is more of the emotional spectrum and creating equine images as art, however I do have a wide and long experience of horses which also is brought in to the whole experience of working with them during our sessions.


2 hours

Do you need new knowledge or a fresh perspectives on your way of working? This is a shorter coaching sessions where I will guide you through a photo session of your choice.

- Photo session with full guidance

5000 SEK

4 hours

Do you want to grow as a photographer and creative? You learn about photo theory before we have a photo session together. This package also includes theory for basic editing in LR/PS.

- General photo theory
- Photo session with full guidance
- Theory session with editing

8000 SEK

7 hours

Do you want complete guidance in your creative process and in who you are as a photographer?

- Review & reflections of your work
- Photo theory & guided photo session
- My own workflow with editing -> to client
- Theory session with editing your photos
- One extra, smaller topic from your request

12000 SEK


When photo theory is included in your package we prepare you for our guided photo session. We talk about light, composition, perspective, movements, technical aspects of the camera and how to simply approach and work with the horses during our session in order to get the result you want.


A guided photo session is the golden opportunity for learning. Not only because you get to see how I work, but because I can help you step by step by giving you tips and tricks, and evaluate the result that you get throughout the whole photo session. We can discuss your goal with the session and I can give you the tools to achieve it.


When editing theory is included in your package I help you find ways to make your images more emotional and alive. We will do editing in Lightroom and Photoshop which includes colors, light and other adjustments, retouching like removing fences and halters etc.


• What is the additional travel costs?

It depends on where you are and how many clients I have in the same area. If you live within Kalmar/Öland, Sweden there is no additional travel cost. If you are in other areas of Sweden or even in another country the travel costs will be my travel expenses. Normally on my photo tours I have several clients in a nearby area and so I will split the travel costs and it will be a lower cost for everyone.

• Do you book clients outside of Sweden?

Yes I do travel for clients. Just let me know where you are at and we'll make it happen. Sometimes I already have plans on visiting somewhere and sometimes client requests takes me to places.

• Is transportation included?

Transportation from our suggested area is included to and from our photo sessions, and to the place where I hold the theoretical lessons of our personal coaching.

• What about food?

For all personal coachings more than 2 hours I include snacks, fruit and water in order for us to get all the energy required to keep a high focus. For more than 5 hours I additionally will include lunch or dinner.

Are you ready to grow?

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