"Friesian Power"
Equine Photography Tour

3 day photo tour in the lanD of friesians

Netherlands | 17-20 april 2025

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This tour is tailor-made to have the full experience of horse photography in the Netherlands. The country is famous for its beautiful black Friesian horses. They are very special horse models because of their unique looks and movements. This country offers many great nature experiences such as huge areas of sand dunes, beautiful sand beaches in the west, pine forests and heather fields. Thinking of the Netherlands in spring you immediately think of field with beautiful and colorful flowers. All of this and more will be included in the tour.

We will photograph Friesian horses with charisma and long manes. We will also photograph horses of other breeds to bring in some variety. This will include horses that perform tricks or that just have something extra. We will focus on horses in freedom but will photograph beautiful portraits as well.

If you want to photograph Friesian horses in beautiful spring time, this is the tour for you. To make this tour extra special we'll have one session where we visit a natural park to search for and photograph wild living Konik horses.

Photograph Friesians in blooming spring

Information about the tour

Our main area will be center of Netherlands, our starting point is from Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. From there we will drive around to different locations.

Where is the tour held?

Arrival on 17th of April before 12pm, the tour starts around lunch time. Departure earliest at 5pm after tour ends in middle of the day.

Arrival and departure?

Amateurs to professional. You should know about your settings and camera. International participant – workshop will be held in english language. Swedish translator is available for those who do not feel 100% comfortable in the English language.

Who can attend the tour?

About our accommodation?

We will stay in a rented house with shared rooms and single beds. Access to WiFi and space for editing, fully equipped kitchen & bathrooms.

Which meals are included?

Breakfast is included in the tour price. Lunch and dinner is not included and is payed individually by the participants for every occasion. We will decide together if we eat at restaurants close by, if we order take out or if we want to cook together. Meals at restaurants are around 15-20‎€ each.

What will our schedule look like?

First day will start with lunch to get to know each other. We proceed to check in to our house and then we have our first photo session that afternoon and evening. Photo sessions will mainly be in the best light in the morning and in the evening with a total of 6 photo sessions. Each session will most of the times include more than one horse (mainly friesians but also other breeds). During the day we will have opportunity to edit our photos together and I'm there to help and guide for those needing it.

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How many participants?

What's included?

What's the price?

Maximum numbers of participants: 7

Available spots: 7

Important! This tour requires a minimum of 4 participants or it will be cancelled.

3 day tour - 3 nights of accommodation - Breakfast - Pick up/drop off at airport Schiphol Amsterdam - Travel cost during workshop - Commercial use for photos - Editing session with possibility for coaching

Total price is 15 950 SEK. including tax. Booking deposit is 7000 SEK, non-refundable and holds your spot. When you book your spot an invoice will be sent to your email and it can be payed with bank transfer or Paypal.


How many photo sessions are there?

In total there will be 6 photo sessions and the photo sessions will be organised mainly for morning and evening when we have the best light situation. On every occasion we will plan for a longer photo session and always include several horses to be able to create as many different images and scenarios as possible.

How does booking and payment work?

How can I use the photos from the tour?

You can book your spot by emailing me or filling in the form below. Send me all your information (name, address, phone, if you have a EU-VAT number etc) and I'll help you with the booking process. An invoice for the booking fee will be sent to your email and it needs to be payed within 10 days for your spot to be secured. The invoice for the rest of the workshop fee will be sent out 2 months before the workshop and it has to be payed in full 4 weeks before the workshop starts. The invoices can be payed with international bank transfer or through PayPal (send money as friend or I have to charge an extra fee).

There is no limitations in how you can use the images you photograph during the workshop. You can sell the images for personal and commercial use and distribute it to sell prints etc. However, since I am the leading and organising photographer and the images mainly comes from my ideas I want you to always mention that the photos are photographed during this tour with me. It should be mentioned when posted on social media, webpage etc (whenever possible) but I do understand it's not possible for all purposes.

What about COVID?

I encourage everyone to book your travel with possibility to change or cancel it without any extra cost. In case of not being able to fulfil this photo tour because of restrictions in the hosting country because of COVID: of course all payed booking fees or full payments that has been done will be fully reimbursed.

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