Melancholy Hill

4 April, 2016

So. I was in Poland in august with some friends of mine on a workshop. This workshop was hosted by / Katarzyna Okrzesik-Mikolajek and we where in this beautiful place up on the mountains in the south. Owl Mountain is it’s name and Stajnia Podolin where we was living was a really good place to stay. So hospitable and generous!

One morning we went up on the hills to photograph in the break of dawn. It was a misty morning and it made this absolutely beautiful scenery that I fell so in love with. The horses is Milky Way and Heart and both boys are Wielkopolski breed. Their owner is Palomino & Cremello J.A. and they where excellent models and gave us a couple of moments with joyful play!



Hello ! I just wanted to say that I am in love with your pictures. They’re all so dreamy and peaceful ! Keep going, we need photographers like you to help us escape 🙂

Gud så härligt det ser ut! Du fångar otroligt fina ögonblick! En riktig förebild!

Tack snälla Mira, dina fina ord gör mig rörd! Verkligen! 🙂

Like, like, like!

Thank you thank you Sabine! We will miss you during our trip, I hope you get well soon!

Wow! Helt galet snyggt! Älskart!

Tack snälla 😀 Så glad att du gillar!

Så vackra! Vilka hästar och vilken plats <3

Tack snälla Karin! Ja det var helt fantastiskt fint i Polen 🙂


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