Misty August

11 April, 2018

I was not expecting this kind of light and the second I realised what was about to happen my heart jumped. I was in the field by myself as the owner was exchanging horses. Luckily, they arrived shortly after and we got an image with the most beautiful light. What then followed was mist – a bit moody and with a ghost like feeling. It brought out colors of the darkness, with light coming in from behind the trees. Even more beautiful if you ask me. It was a spontaneous photo session for me to try out my new camera and I never expected this much. Sometimes, when you have low expectations it brings out the best of you.

The most of these images were just lying on my hard drive, sadly, because I had no time to edit them properly. But one evening in February I finally got inspired and gave them the love they deserved. It was the best feeling!



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