Online mentoring.

With dedication

Equine photography and teaching about it with honesty and dedication is very close to my heart. I want to share the knowledge I have gained from many years working professionally in the business and teach others about my way.


I am passionate to inspire others to find who they are in their photography. With several years of hosting photo workshops these personal and very focused coaching sessions is the ultimate addition to help others grow.


Every coaching sessions is tailored after your own specific wishes and needs. Doing so, I am able to help you grow as much as possible with the time we have.


My approach is more of the emotional spectrum and creating equine images as art, however I do have a wide and long experience of horses which also is brought in to the whole experience of working with them during our sessions and my techniques of editing can be used for many different purposes.


(offer valid until April 30 - 2020)


1 hour

During 1 hour online coaching we will have time to cover one topic that you want to know more about.

Choose between:
- Photo theory
- Editing theory & practice
- Portfolio / website / brand review

2300 SEK

2 hours

We have time to cover one topic that you want to have a broader perspective on, or we can divide the time to cover two different topics a bit more on the surface.

Choose between:
- Photo theory
- Editing theory & practice
- Portfolio / website / brand review

3200 SEK
These are the components in which I can coach you to evolve and take one step closer to who you want to be as an equine photographer. Each coaching session is tailored from your needs, and in every topic is possibilities of different approaches and information depending on what level you are currently on and what knowledge you seek. This is the perfect opportunity to ask those questions you always had in the back of your head.


Let me show you my world of photography - talk about light, composition, perspective, movements, technical aspects of the camera and how to simply approach and work with the horses during our session in order to get the result you want.


Take the option to receive a professional opinion of your portfolio, website and brand. This is a chance to take your public footprint to the next level, and to be honest about who you are in your photography so that you can make it justice.


Let me help you find ways to make your images more emotional and alive. Learn basics and/or more advanced editing in Lightroom and Photoshop but also retouching like removing fences and halters etc. Choose what you want to learn depending on your level of experience.


• How does it work?

We will simply talk through Skype or any other suitable software for private online-call, where I can also share my screen with you to show you when I edit and have my theoretical presentations. We don't have to have a video call - audio call is simply enough if you do not feel comfortable in front of the camera.

• In what languages can we do the mentoring?

The mentoring can be done in English or Swedish. Since English is not my first language you don't have to worry if it's not yours either.

• How do I pay?

Payment is done in full before the mentoring. At the time of booking I will send you an invoice and you can pay it via Paypal or bank transfer.

• How can I remember everything afterwards?

Don't worry! If we are having an editing class I will record our mentoring and give it you afterwards for download. If we have photo theory or a review I will send you the PDF with all the information that we talked about after our session. When learning new things too much information can make your head spinn, so this is perfect when you want to go back to study again what you actually learned during our mentoring.

Are you ready to grow?

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