"Wild at Heart"
Equine Photography Workshop

A photography adventure for the heart

Öland, Sweden | 28 aug-2 sept / 2023

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The main highlights of this workshop are combining pure space for inspiration and growth with education of how I see equine photography. I want to invite you to learn from my way of working - starting from my philosophy around how and why and ending with the finished images after editing. It's an intensive 5 day and 5 night program where we will explore the nearby surroundings of the island Öland in south of Sweden. We will photograph many different breeds of horses mainly in organised freedom sessions but we will also photograph portraits and have the most wonderful sessions where we spend time with a herd of horses.

My main goal when you leave is you being closer to knowing what you want and that you feel inspired enough to start working towards your goal. Inspiration and emotions is the lead words for these days, and by opening up for that we also get the opportunity to grow in new and different ways. This is for most participants a great opportunity to learn and develop your equine photography skills so that you can start to create images with higher quality and stronger presence. For others, it's about the experience

An Equine Photography Workshop with intentions for the heart

Information about the workshop

On the island Öland, south of Sweden from afternoon on August 28th to the morning of September 2nd 2023.

Where and when?

You can fly in to Kalmar (Kalmar Öland Airport) or fly to Copenhagen and take a direct train from there to Kalmar central station. Pick up will be organised from Kalmar.

How do I travel there?

Amateurs to professional. You should know about your settings and camera. International participant – workshop will be held in english language. German translator is available for those who do not feel 100% comfortable in the English language.

Who can attend the workshop?

About our accommodation?

We will stay at a comfortable holiday home where we have space and privacy for our big group. Classes will be held inside our house as well as all our meals. There is 3 single rooms and 4 shared rooms with single beds. We will have access to 3 bathrooms, a shared living area, spa-area with warm pool, garden and good wifi.

Which meals are included?

Breakfast, lunch and dinner is included in the workshop price. Lunch and dinner will be catered and we will eat at our house. All food is vegetarian. Smaller meals and snacks to eat in between meals should be brought by the participants.

What will our schedule look like?

First evening start with a theoretical masterclass in which I talk about my experience, way of working and thoughts about equine photography. Tuesday morning we will have our first photo session. Later in the day we will have my editing Masterclass where I show you my way of working in Lightroom and Photoshop with photos taken during the workshops first photo session. In the evening we will have our second photo session. During the following days we will have several photo sessions and time for rest in between (because it will be early mornings and late evenings). During the days we will have editing sessions - we sit down together and edit our photos and I'm there for support, guidance and questions. On our last evening, we will continue editing together and everyone have the opportunity to get a portfolio review and a personal coaching talk to sum up the workshop experience. In the morning of the 24th we all leave to travel home.

Thoughts about the experience

What will you learn?

Theoretical masterclass

I will share my thoughts on equine photography, talk about basic photo theory such as light, composition, contrast, color theory and perspective and share the thoughts I have about how to create equine images that evoke emotions in the observer. I will also share image examples of how my mind goes about posing the horse during the photo session and what kind of movement I am looking for.

guided organized photo sessions

During the workshop we are organising several photo sessions with something unique at every occasion. We will mix different breeds, locations and scenarios to bring you a wide range of possibilities. Mostly focusing on horses in freedom, we will also take the opportunity to create living portraits. During the whole process I will share how I work with the horses, how I think about light situations, composition etc. and I am continuously supporting each participants during the process.

editing classes & my own creative process

I will share my workflow and way of editing in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop from the selection of unedited images taken during the workshop to the finished image that I post on social media. I will share photos before & after editing to give you a better understanding of my creative process and how I see my images both during the photo session and in the editing. We will also have editing sessions where I can help you while you edit images taken during the workshop to further learn techniques in the editing that I use.

portfolio review

I offer a portfolio review at the end of the workshop for everyone who feels like they would benefit or if you just need some words of advices. I will give you my perspective as an observer of your work and I offer constructive feedback and tips for the future adapted after your own personal situation and goals.




How many participants?

What's included?

What's the price?

Maximum numbers of participants: 7

Available spots: 1

Important! This workshop requires a minimum of 4 participants or it will be cancelled.

5 day workshop - 5 nights of accommodation - Breakfast - Catered lunch & dinner - Pick up/drop off in Kalmar - Travel cost during workshop - Commercial use for photos - Theoretical lessons & discussions - PDF & video material - Coaching - Portfolio review

Total price is 24 000 SEK. Non-refundable booking fee is 8000 SEK and holds your spot. When you book your spot an invoice will be sent to your email and it can be payed with bank transfer or Paypal.

Get inspired


How many photo sessions are there?

Photo session will mainly be planned for the best light situations so in general there will be 2 photo session for each full day. The last evening will be dedicated to editing and personal talks/portfolio review so in total there will be around 7 photo sessions. The photo sessions will be organised for morning and evening. On every occasion we will plan to always include more than 1 horse to be able to create as many different images and scenarios as possible for the time we have.

How does booking and payment work?

How can I use the photos from the workshop?

You can book your spot by emailing me or filling in the form below. Send me all your information (name, address, phone, if you have a EU-VAT number etc) and I'll help you with the booking process. An invoice for the booking fee will be sent to your email and it needs to be payed within 10 days for your spot to be secured. The invoice for the rest of the workshop fee will be sent out 2 months before the workshop and it has to be payed in full 4 weeks before the workshop starts. The invoices can be payed with international bank transfer or through PayPal (send money as friend or I have to charge an extra fee).

There is no limitations in how you can use the images you photograph during the workshop. You can sell the images for personal and commercial use and distribute it to sell prints etc. However, since I am the leading and organising photographer and the images mainly comes from my ideas I want you to always mention that the photos are photographed during this workshop with me. It should be mentioned when posted on social media, webpage etc (whenever possible) but I do understand it's not possible for all purposes.

What material will I recieve?

After the workshop you will get access to the PDF presentations held during the masterclasses. You will also receive the video material of when I edit my images during our editing masterclass. Remembering everything at location can be hard even when you write things down. This material is complementary to the workshop experience so if there is something you don't remember you can go back and watch me do it again/read about it again.

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