Malin Wengdahl.

Working as an international equine photographer i'm focusing on creating EMOTIONAL ART with horses.

Malin Wengdahl Equine by Wengdahl Hästfotograf Horse photographer Equine photographer

My inspiration & creativity comes from nature, art, music, stories, life lessons and most importantly - horses themselves.

I kind of forgot how to draw when I found photography and from there it grew to be my way of expressing myself.

Horses was always a part of my being and finally when I turned 11 I got to start riding. Since then I've experienced working as a professional groom, had several horses myself and today I share life with a wonderful Lusitano boy. In school I studied agriculture with horses but also media and web development. So, these are the traces leading to my career as an equine photographer.

Seeing it now, all these choices made so much sense in the end and where I am now is precisely where I should be.

I was born in Kalmar 1989 and have been living on Öland for over half of my life. Öland is a unique Swedish island in regards to the landscape and is a great part of my career. It gas given me my love for nature together with the people who impacted me as I grew. It was were I started in 2016 to annually host an equine photo workshop for other photographers.

This workshop shaped the way my photos and philosophy developed. Not only my philosophy around horses but it also made me realise how much I am passionate about inspiring others like me.

I have always been a dreamer who loved being creative. When I was a kid I loved to draw and my motifs were always horses.

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