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gain inspiration and new perspectives

why attend a workshop with me?

There is always something to learn

As photographers and horse lovers we never stop to seek out knowledge. A never ending journey of development and inspiration to find your way forward. No matter your previous experience you are welcome to attend to my workshops. Every workshop is created with the participants needs in focus so that everyone has something to gain from the experience. My goal after the workshop is for you to feel empowered and knowing what to do next.

Develop your editing skills from my creative process & coached editing sessions

Learn the technical and most important aspects when photographing horses

Personal guidance from your specific needs through the whole process

Practical learning with real and guided photo sessions where we face honest challenges

Thoughts about the experience

Coming workshops or tours:

Sweden tour

22-28 july 2024 / SWEDEN

Join me in exploring the middle and north parts of Sweden during the green summer season. We will see diverse landscapes and enjoy all of what Sweden have to offer: old forests, lakes, beaches, beautiful hills, pastures and ruins where we will have lots of diverse models.


24 950 SEK


Portugal tour

1-6 october 2024 / Portugal

A new tour in a country where I left piece of my heart; Portugal. Prepare yourself for 6 intense days of photographing baroque and stunning Lusitano horses in both landscapes, typical arenas and architecture. This tour is an ode to the Lusitanos beauty, character and presence.


24 950 SEK


Equine photo tour Netherlands Friesian horses

"Friesian power"

17-20 april 2025 / Netherlands

You can't get enough of Friesian horses? This is a 3 day and 3 night photography tour where we will photograph Friesians in its home country including an extra surprise session which will speak to those who likes the wild adventures.


15 950 SEK


Scotland tour

2025 / Scotland

Are you a lover of fairytales, mountains and rough landscapes? In this tour we explore Scotlands nature, history and native horse breeds. Not only a tour for horse photography, but also sightseeing of unique locations. In addition to roaming the highlands we will visit one of Scotlands isles where of course - horses live free!




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