Equine photography is

the very soul of me.

Telling stories as an equine photographer

Based in Sweden / Working worldwide

My name is Malin.

I started doing equine photography out of pure love to horses. Since childhood I was fascinated by them and it felt so natural to have horses as the subject when I started doing photography. I used to ride my bike along the roads nearby my home, and every time I came across some horses in a pasture I stopped to take photos of them. It was true joy from the start and for over 20 years now horses have been an important part of my life.

For me, photographing horses is a way of celebrating who they are, whoever they might be. It does not matter if they are strong, bold, sensitive, shy or funny. They are all beauty in their own form. What matters are honesty, and horses speaks that language so well. They are my biggest inspiration in life and through their own emotions they help me tell a story. For this I am thankful.

Welcome to my world of horses

My philosophy in horse photography is that each heart counts, no matter the outside. I love to work together with every horse in different ways depending on their personality in order to bring out their true character. Respect and understanding for the horse in this process is necessary. I value the time spent with each model and it's important for me to get to know everyone involved. Without context, there is no true story to tell.

And all I want to do, is tell those stories.

Horses have a powerful way to speak about their feelings.

They are the perfect teachers for us in regards to understanding our own emotions and how to dare being vulnerable.

Book a photo session with or of your horse.

The imprint of your horse on your heart is the strongest proof of the connection you share. Let's make that forever with the gift of the image. Let me and my camera internalise the soul of your horse and/or the presence of you two as one.

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Upcoming Workshop:

Learn equine photography in the Black Forest, Germany.

This equine photography workshop will combine inspiration and education. I want to invite you to learn from my way of working - starting from my philosophy around how and why and ending with the finished images after editing. It's an intensive 4 day and 3 night program where we will explore the nearby surrounding of the beautiful Black Forest. Our focus will be around photographing horses in freedom together with nature. We will photograph many different breeds of horses, one of them being from this specific area - the Black Forest horse.



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Rotensol, Germany

May 2022

Equine Art
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