Equine Photography Tour

in Portugal

an ode to the Lusitanos beauty, character and presence

Portugal | 1-6 October, 2024

This tour is an ode to the Lusitanos beauty, character and presence.

The horse through history is known for being described as art; for me the Lusitano is the epitome of this. Through the purpose and breeding of this horse, the selection of traits has made them walk this earth with a special presence. The Lusitano horse is something you must experience through your lens.

We will travel through different regions of Portugal to visit breeders and go to special locations where we can create unique photos of these baroque horses; such as stunning landscapes, typical arena, beach and historical architecture.

During this tour I will also offer a guided editions session and portfolio review which normally is only offered during workshops.

Do you love to explore the culture of new places? Portugal has a strong culture and delicious cuisine that must be experienced!

Information about the tour

We will travel to different areas of Portugal; Lisbon, Central Portugal and Alentejo. Pick up and drop off at Lisbon airport.

Where is the tour held?

Arrival on 1st of October around lunch time (1pm). Departure in the afternoon (after 4pm) 6th of October.

Arrival and departure?

Amateurs to professional. You should know about your settings and camera. International participant – workshop will be held in english language. Swedish translator is available for those who do not feel 100% comfortable in the English language.

Who can attend the workshop?

About our accommodation?

We will stay at different hotels of good standard. All participants will receive single room as long as possible.

Which meals are included?

Breakfast is included in the workshop price. Lunch and dinner is not included and is payed individually by the participants for every occasion. We will eat at restaurants close by or at our hotel. Meals are around 10-20‎€ each.

What will our schedule look like?

First day will start with lunch to get to know each other. We proceed to check in to our hotel and then we have our first photo session that evening. Photo sessions will mainly be in the best light in the morning and in the evening with at least 8 different photo sessions and locations. During the day (if we are not driving to our next location) we will have opportunity to edit photos together and I'm there to help and guide you if needed.

impressions of

The Lusitano Horse

What will be part of the experience?

guided organized photo sessions

During the workshop we are organising several photo sessions with something unique at every occasion. We will mix different types of Lusitanos, locations and scenarios to bring you a wide range of possibilities. Mostly focusing on horses in freedom, we will also take the opportunity to create living portraits of both horse and riders in traditional tack. During the whole process I will share how I work with the horses, how I think about light situations, composition etc. and I am continuously supporting each participants during the process. In the end, everything will be a group decision because I do want everyone to feel included.

guided editing session

During the tour we will have time for a guided editing session. During this session, I will share my workflow and editing with the participants. I will also guide and support you while you edit your own photos taken during the photo tour. It's a great opportunity to ask those editing questions you always was curious about!

portfolio review

I offer a portfolio review during this tour for everyone who want it. I will give you my perspective as an observer of your work and I offer constructive feedback and tips for the future adapted after your own personal situation and goals.

food & culture of Portugal

Of course we have to enjoy the Portuguese culture in more ways than through horses! We'll make sure to make time to enjoy both delicious cuisine, typical pastries, Portuguese culture and history.

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How many participants?

What's included?

What's the price?

Maximum numbers of participants: 8

Available spots: waiting list

Important! This workshop requires a minimum of 4 participants or it will be cancelled.

6 day tour - 5 nights of accommodation - Breakfast - Pick up/drop off in Lisbon airport - Travel cost during tour - Commercial use for photos - Guided photo sessions - Guided editing session - Portfolio review

Total price is 24 950 SEK incl. VAT. Non-refundable booking fee is 8000 SEK and holds your spot. When you book your spot an invoice will be sent to your email and it can be payed with bank transfer or Paypal.

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