Portfolio day on Öland

Photograph horses at Borgholms castle ruin

öland, sweden | june 18th 2023

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I have lived on Öland for a large part of my life and in recent years have explored the island and its magical places by photographing horses. One place where I have photographed a lot is the castle ruin in Borgholm. It has been one of the most popular elements of my workshops in Sweden and so I want to once again offer this on a portfolio day!

The event starts early in the morning (at 07:00) on 18/6 and ends the same morning (just before 10:00). The models are well chosen to suit a photo shoot at the castle and they are guaranteed to shine in your portfolio. We focus both on portraits in the architecture and images with a little more movement.

This is a fantastic chance for you who want to get photos that really stand out in your portfolio. It's also perfect if you just want to expand your image library with something new that you haven't had before or if you simply just want to network with other photographers.

Unique images from Borgholm Castle in your portfolio

Information about the portfolio day

In Borgholms Castle Ruin on Öland

Where is the event held?

The photo session starts at 07:00 in the morning on 18/6 and ends shortly before 10:00 when the castle opens to visitors. So we will have the castle all to ourselves. It is good to be there a little while before the photoshoot starts as we need to prepare, around 06:30.

What date?

Everyone is welcome regardless of previous experience. It is good if you have a decent grasp of your camera settings as this is not a course, but of course I will help you if needed.

Who can participate?

Do I need accommodation?

Accommodation is not included. I can of course help with recommendations if you want to spend the night on Öland before or after the portfolio day.

Is food included?

Food is not included in the portfolio day. Everyone may bring their own water and any snacks needed during the shoot.

The portfolio day starts in the morning at 07:00 on Sunday 18/6 and ends just before 10:00. We will have a total of 3 horse models booked that we will photograph according to a time schedule. For each new model we will explore new angles, perspectives and light to get a greater variety among our images.

What does our schedule look like?

The photo session

Horses in movement

The open courtyard makes it possible to let the horses move and we can therefore create lively images in a rustic environment.

Impressive architecture

The ruin consists of many, large, stone vaults where it is perfect to pose the horses. There are endless places and angles to explore.

Rustic portraits

In the ruin there is a special room that is covered in ivy and the rustic stone wall gives a moody impression together with the green. Here we can photograph beautiful, slightly darker portraits.




How many participants?

What's included?

The price?

Maximum number of participants: 8

Available spots: 5

Important! The portfolio day needs at least 3 participants to be completed

The price includes 3 models, permission to photograph on location and the right to use the images commercially without restriction. During the morning, you get to see how I work and think when we work with our models, however, it is not a regular education or course.

The price on the portfolio day is SEK 2,450 incl. VAT. This is paid at the time of booking. In case of cancellation, the fee is not refunded, but you can, however, sell your place to someone else.

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