Equine Photography Workshop in Italy

A 2-day workshop in beautiful Fiuggi, Italy where we learn about how we create soulful horse photography

When? 2-3rd September

Equine photography workshop Fiuggi Italy Equine by Wengdahl

This is an equine photography workshop that focus on creating soulful horse photography in beautiful Italy. We will do sessions in evening and morning light both portraits and in liberty. We will have access to great horse models of different breeds – for example friesian, PRE, lusitano and others. We will learn how to catch every horses personality and how to work in the best way with our models to achieve the result we want, and to find the best location for it. As always for my photos, nature is going to be a big part of the photos we create.

Where? Centro equestre “Il Lago” in Fiuggi (FR) – 1 hour from Rome.

For who? Amateurs to professional. You should know about your settings and camera. International Equine photography workshop Fiuggi Italy Equine by Wengdahlparticipant – workshop will be held in english language.

For a more intimate workshop there is a maximum of 8 participants.
Available spots: 7

Price: 400 euro
Booking deposit is 20% of full price. Payment via invoice.

Equine photography workshop Fiuggi Italy Equine by Wengdahl

Price includes:
Breakfast on sunday
Transfer from hotel to location
Workshop material
Snacks & fruit durin lessons
Extra surprise

Price don’t include:
Lunch saturday & sunday
Dinner (optional)
Transfer from airport

During workshop we will start with a theoretical session where we go through preparations, safety, communication with horse owner, excecution of the photo session etc. We will talk about different light situations, how to look for good locations and more. Every participant gets to wish for a topic which makes this workshop a little bit more personal. It can be something you’ve been struggling with or are genuinely curious about.

Later the same afternoon/evening we will start our photosessions where we take photos of different horses both portraits and in liberty. During the sessions I will guide you and give you my knowledge and talk about why and how.

On the second morning we will start with photo session in beautiful morning light, both portraits and in liberty with different horses. After this follows a long session of post processing, and later on portfolio review. I will show you how I edit my photos, photos taken during the workshop. I will show you before/after of previous photos. I will also guide and help you when you edit your own photos taken during workshop.

What do I need to bring?
– Laptop with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom
– Your DSLR or mirrorless digital camera
– 70-200 lens or other zoom lens
– If you want also a portrait lens like 50-85-135mm
– If you want also a wide angle like 24-35mm
– Memory cards and fully charged batteries
– For safety – external hard drive for backup
– Your portfolio (printed or digital)

In post processing I work with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom so to make the most out of it, it’s preffered you download these programs before workshop starts. Adobe have a trial version if you don’t already work with these programs.

Accomodation? For those of you who do not live in the area, we have an offer from a hotel nearby – 35 euro/night. Please let me know if you want to book a room.

For more info, questions or booking please email me at malin@equinebywengdahl.com or just fill out the form below!