My 2016 part 2

20 January, 2017

This is the second part of my year in review. Part 2 will be a little bit more personal, and not every month was about photographing horses. Still, I feel that’s what you need sometime. There should always be some time of reflection, building up new things and reload new energy. Also there is so much more in having a photography business, so much work behind the scenes. But that’s just fun!



In July I once again visited Agnetha and her horses. This time she had some new adorable foals! Also I met up with fellow photographer Camilla Olsson and we had a photoshoot together early morning on the shore of Öland.



From August I actually don’t have any horse photos to show you. Besides from horses I have different kind of clients, mostly weddings and familys. So August was one period with a lot of other sessions. 2 weddings and a handful family sessions. But, besides from that I spent a lot of time for preparation of my very first workshop.



September was a very big month for me. This was the time for my own very first workshop. I had a vision of what it would be like and it turned out even better. My island where I live is truly a rare and beautiful place, and I’m so happy I was able to do this. Thanks again to everyone who made it possible. Next workshop will be in May!



October gave me some more adventure! First I went with some friends on a roadtrip to Italy, South Tyrol, where one of my friends where looking for a new stallion. We met some really nice people and a lot of nice horses. The landscape with all the mountains was amazing! Besides from visiting horse owners we also went to Merano and the yearly stallion show. When I came home I got a visit from Susan / Silent Shiver and we had a couple of nice sessions together while it was still some colors outside.



This was the month where everything fell apart for me. From a very unexpected diagnosis of cancer I had to let my best friend go the same day we found out. My saluki king was everything to me and there is far too much grief to bear. Naturally, this led to some time for myself and loved ones. Other than that I left my part time job and got full time in to photography. So this month was also a lot about preparing and refreshing things for next year.



December, I visited my beloved friends who lives too far from me. I took the train and spent 12 days with them. I got one bigger job that I was very happy to do (not horse-related). Other than that this month (like every other month) have been full of editing photos, planing for 2017, updating social media, bookings for my workshop and a lot more. I am so very very excited for what 2017 will bring! I’m looking forward to develop myself in many ways.



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