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Blue morning Alp 21 February, 2019 / Equine photography The Pride of Tyrol workshop that I held together with Tuss & Tass last year took us to some breathtaking locations. This was one of them, a calm and amazing morning that we had up in the mountains... READ MORE Misty August 11 April, 2018 / Equine photography I was not expecting this kind of light and the second I realised what was about to happen my heart jumped. I was in the field by myself as the owner was exchanging horses. Luckily, they arrived shortl... READ MORE Alberich 29 January, 2018 / Equine photography Alberich lives together with his family and Haflingers in South Tyrol, close to the border of Austria. We were there one day in early May and we were driving to there from Bolzano. On the phone he ask... READ MORE Miron Bococi 18 February, 2017 / Equine photography This was without a question, a perfect day at the beach. During Equine Photography Tour with Katarzyna in Spain, we met Miron Bococi who is a fantastic horseman. He does liberty training with his hors... READ MORE My 2016 part 2 20 January, 2017 / Year review This is the second part of my year in review. Part 2 will be a little bit more personal, and not every month was about photographing horses. Still, I feel that's what you need sometime. There should a... READ MORE My 2016 part 1 1 January, 2017 / Year review I really felt like doing a blog post to somehow make a summary of what this year have been. So, here it is! It's been a year with new experiences in many ways. I am very grateful to everyone who took ... READ MORE