This was without a question, a perfect day at the beach. During Equine Photography Tour with Katarzyna in Spain, we met Miron Bococi who is a fantastic horseman. He does liberty training with his horses, they perform with their own show and also they do some stunts. This day our location was the Torrenostra Beach in Terrablanca. Weather was really perfect and gave us the best conditions. I honestly did not know what to expect at all. I mean, you see all kinds of horses and people when you travel. Different methods and different view of horses as a being with their own feelings and emotions.

To see Miron play with his horses, with love, humility and respect for one another made my heart warm and my soul felt happy. It was so beautiful and I think it was one of the best part of this trip. You could see his horses were happy and so much enjoying their tasks that was given to them. This is really how I think every relationship between human and horses should be.



Beautiful subjects beautiful work.


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