Blue morning Alp

21 February, 2019

The Pride of Tyrol workshop that I held together with Tuss & Tass¬†last year took us to some breathtaking locations. This was one of them, a calm and amazing morning that we had up in the mountains in South Tyrol. We went up so early, driving one hour in the dark to reach the closest village to this place. Then in to a taxi that drove us up maybe half way. From there we started to walk in order to reach the horses. Still dark, but we could see the first light of the sun coming up over the peaks. With actually not knowing exactly where the horses were more than a guess from where they had spent the day before. When we found them, it was still the “blue hour” of the morning and I just love the colors and mood that came as a result. And most important, the horses really shared and opened up for our visit.

We spent a few hours here and with that light and colors changed. I will share those other photos in another blog post. We just followed the herd, observing them and their interactions with each other, and eventually also found other groups of horses. A big thank you to Samuel who helped us so much and made this possible. This was really a morning to remember.


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